Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shabby Chic Rose Votive Candle Holders

About a week of so ago, I came across this tutorial for a candle craft I thought I'd try. Thank you Two Crafty Mules for the inspiration!

According to the tutorial, the supplies you will need are:

A glue gun and glue sticks
One "roly poly" votive candle holder
Silk roses

I already had silk rose petals on hand, so I used them instead.  No cutting required!

Starting at the top of the candle holder, begin gluing your petals around the top of the jar.  Make sure you're gluing with the inside part of the petal onto the jar.  If you mistakenly glue the wrong side of the petal, don't worry, as you can easily "flip" the petal to its inside; following layers will help hold the petal in place.

When I got to the bottom of the jar it felt just a little unfinished.

I had some light green tulle on hand, so I decided to add it to the bottom of the jar to add a more polished look and to give the illusion of petals.

I eventually added more tulle.  Following are photos of the finished products.

It's a very easy and inexpensive project for the craft minded!

If you decide to make these, I highly recommend using tea lights instead of votive candles. Votives are meant to be burned in holders with a tight fit so the wax doesn't spread. The roly poly jars are larger than most votives, and when the wax spreads, it will most likely not burn completely.  You'll end up with wax left in your jar and no way to get it out, thus ruining your pretty project!

....and again!

Wheeeee!!!!!! This fabulous treasury featuring my Strawberries & Cream candle made the front page of Etsy today!

'Strawberry Smoothie' by SeaPinks

Strawberry Souffle' Marb...

Girls Ruffle front dress - t...

Thai parasol white and gold ...

Pink Tinted Lip Balm - Sheer...

elongated cream stamens with...

Felted Slippers - hand knitt...

Bucket - Cream Layered Scall...

Strawberries & Creme 12 oz. ...

1970s Pendleton Suit // Vint...

Cream Birdhouse lamp

Ice Cream Sign Photography p...

Wool Felt Needle Book // Str...

observe...28/ 8 x 10 ...

Decorative Throw Pillow crea...

Porcelain Cream and Sugar Se...


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

Thank you, Jenny from SeaPinks, for this gorgeous collection!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Question to My Followers

Recently, I decided to kick my blog up a notch. I've made a good habit of blogging twice a week, once about Etsy treasuries or shop reviews, another on small business topics. I've decided to branch out and to write about home and lifestyle topics that my followers may find interesting.

So, here's a bit more about me. When I'm not in my day job or making and selling candles, I enjoy knitting, gardening, cooking (although not much with just me in the house), and yoga. I'm planning to show you more of this world in my Show and Tell Friday posts.

 But before I launch into too much of anything, I'd really like to know what interest you? I truly enjoy marketing and invite you to ask any marketing or other questions affecting your small business.  I'm planning to expand on the posts I've written on Decorating with Candles, but with more do it yourself candle projects.

What excites you?

What else in home and lifestyle excites you? Please use the comments space below or send me an email with your thoughts. I also invite other bloggers to submit article ideas for guest submissions. I enjoy getting the word out about other fabulous bloggers.

I look forward to your responses!


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