Friday, June 14, 2013

Featured Shop: Amelia Bedelia June 9th

Today's featured shop is Delia with Amelia Bedelia Vintage. Please take some time to learn about her approach to vintage shops - special offer at the end!

Amelia Bedelia Vintage opened in 2009 when I had discovered Etsy as a buyer and realized I could open up my own shop!  I have always been a collector, digger, treasure hunter, whatever you want to call it, and Etsy gave me an outlet to share that love with a whole community. 

Vintage Full Fitted Sheet
Here at Amelia Bedelia Vintage you'll find lots of bright mid century goodies and fun retro home decor pieces to brighten up your day. :) Running this shop allows me to dig for treasure and pass it on to you in the hopes that you'll find a piece that makes you smile! 

Faux Bois Vintage Flip Clock
 I am addicted to color, and my shop is filled with bright and happy pieces from the 1950’s through the 1980’s.  The colors from the mid century era just blow me away, and sometimes I wish I was born in the Mad Men age!  Each item you see is something I would be proud to have in my own home, and usually that’s where it stays until its new owner comes along.

Plaid Vintage Soup Mugs
Sometimes it’s hard for me to part with these things, but I need to pass it on to other vintage lovers or I’d be on Hoarders for sure!  This guy was one of my favorites….but he has a happy and loving home now.

 You can also find me at , where I just opened a new vintage clothing shop!  I found it too confusing to have clothing mixed in with home d├ęcor and wanted my shoppers to have a more streamlined browsing experience.  Here you’ll find MORE color and bright vintage wearable pieces from the 1950’s-80s. 

Vintage High Waisted Skirt with Matching Jacket
Although I do spend the majority of my time thrifting and estate saling, I do have a pseudo day job as a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (MFTI).  What’s nice is that the flexible hours of being a therapist allow me plenty of time to maintain my love of vintage goodies!  And when I’m not doing any of the above, you’ll find me tucked into a cozy corner with some Harry Potter and a freshly brewed French press, dreaming my day away….

Bright 1960s Book Collection
Come and Pin with me!  Find me at

Any readers of this lovely blog can use special coupon code DLITES20 at either Amelia Bedelia Vintage OR The Happy Forest for 20% off their purchase!  **Expires Sunday, June 30th!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Inventory Reduction Sale!

I'm moving soon and have reduced my prices on all ready to ship products. All items 50% off:

  • 12 oz candles, regularly $17.50, now $8.75!
  • 7 oz candles, regularly $8.50, now $4.25!
  • Tea lights, regularly $6.50, now $6.25!
Pricing is for on hand inventory only - once the products are gone, they'll be hand poured at the time of order and back to full pricing!  For a list of current items available, please click here for an updated inventory.

Soon, I'll post my inventory on other products, so stay tuned! 

See what you want but it's not listed on my Etsy site yet? Please email me or request a custom order.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Strawberries are in Season!

Every June I try to find a new product to introduce to you as the fragrance of the month, but I just can't seem to stay away from Strawberry!

So, in the spirit of my annual tradition, I have three Strawberry scents for you to choose from this month:

Strawberry, in and of itself, is a thrill of its own. Sweet, juicy, and fragrant, you will think these small berry fruits are being stirred into a sugar syrup in your own kitchen. Bring on the shortcake, the cheesecake, or the ice will not be disappointed with the fragrance of this candle.
Strawberries & Creme interlude jar candle

Strawberries & Creme is a custom blend I also introduced last summer.  Providing a lighter, richer dose of strawberry, this fragrance adds a healthy dose of vanilla. What comes to mind to me is sliced strawberries on a bed of freshly whipped creme fraiche, ok, maybe yogurt if you're being healthy. 

Strawberry Jasmine interlude candle

Strawberry Jasmine is a new fragrance for 2012.  While inspired by this list of trendy fragrances for 2012, testing proved it to be fruity, floral and feminine, and an eastern flair to an early summer blend. The strawberry is fresh, sweet, and citrus, providing a rich undertone base, and jasmine adds top floral notes, creating a slightly exotic Asian blend.

All strawberry fragrances are 15% off throughout the month of June, and are available in home fragrances of candles, room &linen sprays, and diffuser oils, as well as bath & body fragrances of lotions, body wash, and body sprays. For a complete listing of available products, please visit my Etsy shop here

Want more strawberries? Check out my Pinterest board for recipes, crafts and more!

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