Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Venturing forward

I have received much strong encouragement from my family, friends, and colleagues on my venture into capitalism with D'Lites by Dorene.  In fact, some of my friends have been extremely strong supporters, as they know my frustrations with my day job and have seen the creativity my business has unleashed in me.

One of the strongest recommendations I received in the beginning of my journey was to explore opportunities to become involved in weddings.  I didn't follow this line for some time as I wasn't certain of how to do it.  I mean, yes, candles are burned frequently at weddings, but doesn't every one just go somewhere to buy them in bulk?

While familiar, I've become increasingly knowledgeable about high-end customization for weddings, parties, and other functions.  So, I've been thinking about how to approach clients on how to include my candles on their special day.

I've decided to approach first wedding planners.  I've already established my prospect list and am planning to send sample products, such as Vanilla, Jasmine, etc. that would work for weddings, showers and other parties.  I've also worked to update my Etsy site with samples of party favors:

I will add my tea light sampler when it is ready, hopefully soon.  But frankly, I'm stumbling a bit with information to mail for a cold call letter.

Have any of you in the blogosphere worked with wedding or event planners?  What recommendations do you have for entering into this line of business?
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