Sunday, April 14, 2013

Candle trivia

Many who know me are aware of my love for trivia, little known facts that are relevant a small amount of time.  For example, did you know.....

1.) The man in the original Superglue commercial who was holding his hat affixed to a steel beam was John Goodman?

2.) The only union leader to be elected president was Ronald Reagan?

3.) The only reason Clark Gable accepted the role of Rhett Butler was to earn enough money to get a divorce and to marry Carole Lombard?

Maybe you knew the trivial pieces of information, maybe not, but hopefully I can "illuminate" you on some interesting facts on candles:

  • Historically, the most common use of candle burning was to tell time.  Because the burning of a candle is fairly consistent and predictable, candles in the Middle Ages were marked with time measurements.
  • There is no such thing as a soot free wax.  All candles product soot. Soy and beeswax candles produce as much soot as paraffin candles; however, their soot is white compared to the grey soot of paraffin candles. 
  • No wax is considered "best" for candle making.  Paraffin wax holds color and fragrance better than any wax on the market, and soy and beeswax are renewable products.
  • Paraffin was first distilled in 1830, and revolutionized candle-making, as it was an inexpensive material which produced high-quality, odorless candles that burned reasonably cleanly and were used during the colonial days.
  • A candle typically produces about 13 lumens of visible light and 40 watts of heat, although this can vary depending primarily on the characteristics of the candle wick.
  • In the seventeenth century arsenic was added to tallow resulting positive aesthetic effects, although some unknown health risks.
  • The candle industry is currently growing faster than the national economy.
  • More than 1 billion pounds of wax are used in producing the candles sold each year in the U.S.
Have a fun and illuminating week!

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