Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Spotlight - Valery Tkachenko of Alery

Today's Sunday Spotlight focuses on the jewelry of Valery Tkachenko of Alery. Please take some time to learn about this incredible artist and shop her work!

My name is Valery. I was born and raised in beautiful and ancient city Kiev in Ukraine. Some time ago my husband, our children and I moved to California where we now live in a small city not far from San Francisco. I worked in IT before but now I turn into a jeweler. 

Blue Sky Enamel Earrings

I’ve always been into crafting and arts. Over years I’ve tried different techniques and materials in jewelry making. But enameling technique was a love at first sight. 

Multicolor Enamel Earrings
The process of enameling offers a jeweler a lot of freedom for creativity and experimentation. I love to discover new ways, when result may be unpredictable and surprising. It keeps you at the edge, urges to learn new all the time.

Whimsical Enamel Earrings

In enameling a metal surface is covered with a finely grounded glass powder. The surface is then heated to about 1450F so that the powder melts and fuses together. One can use either kiln of hand torch to heat the powder. It usually takes a few melting iterations for a jewelry piece to be ready. With each iteration a jeweler can change the color of the glass powder, its quantity and transparency. As a result most of the pieces turn out to be one of a kind and completely unique as it’s simply impossible to replicate them.

Statement Cocktail Ring
On the one hand I’m inspired by the diversity and sophistication of nature, where you can find something new and surprising every time. On the other hand man-made objects can be as beautiful. Apart from nature architecture and art serve as great sources of inspiration for me. The simplicity and elegance of minimalism where every shape and every line have a well-defined meaning and purpose prompt me to create simple yet bright and colorful jewelry items.

Copper Earrings
What work I’m most proud of. It’s really hard to answer. Each time when I find a new way of doing something or do some successful experiments I enjoy it a lot, so I have a group of favorite items made in different techniques. Definitely, this big pendant is one of my favorites: 

In my works I try to combine traditional with contemporary in techniques, in designs, in materials. I hope that my jewelry brings some joy to people’s life.

In addition to my shop on Etsy, you can find me here:

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Five Favorite Social Media Posts

Here's a round up of my top five favorite articles on social media that I've read this week:

What's your favorite marketing tip? Share below! 

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