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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Five Favorite Social Media Posts

Here's a round up of my top five favorite articles on social media that I've read this week:

What's your favorite marketing tip? Share below! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tips for Dealing with the End of Google Reader

In case you aren't aware, Google Reader will no longer be supported beginning July 1st of this year. Are you scared by this? If not, you should be!

Many of us rely upon Google Reader to feed our blogs to our audience  When this goes away, so do your readers. Unless you have developed alternative methods for your followers to stay in touch with you.
When Google Reader goes away, so do your readers!
It's time for you to take control of marketing your blog! Take a look at your layout. What options are you giving readers to follow you? If all you have is a widget to connect to an RSS feed, well, good luck ensuring your readers will be around on July 2nd. Here are a few ideas to add subscription options to your blog in addition to subscribers!

Add subscription options to your sidebar.
Your subscription options should include Google Friend Connect, Google Plus, and email as well as RSS options. While you're at it, allow your widgets to show your followers and the counts for each source. Success breeds success! When new see how popular your blog is, they will be more inclined to follow!

Pin It!
Add a board to your Pinterest page for your blog posts. Have you ever discovered some amazing blogs when relaxing as a pin-couch potato? They aren't there by accident! You've taken time to write your blogs, now pin your posts so a different audience can see them! Be sure to use a captivating photo and an engaging description. While you're at it, add a Pin It widget to your sidebar so others will be encouraged to do the same!

Use other social media tools.
Post your content to Facebook. Share your story on Google+. Drop a line on LinkedIn. And Tweet. And Tweet. And reTweet. Seriously! Retweet your older content! Unless you're blogging about the benefits of 8 tracks, your content is relatively current and applicable regardless of date. (If you're blogging about DIY projects, this really is a no-brainer!)

Include blog posts in your electronic newsletter.
Your blog posts are usually informational or tutorial in nature, and who better to share this content with than your customers? Chances are your newsletter audience is different from your blog audience. They haven't seen your blog content. So introduce your content with one of your best written articles, and most importantly, include a link!

Bottom line, you're gaining a following. They're on Pinterest, they're on Facebook, and they're subscribed to your newsletter. Use what you've established on other networks to feed that audience into your blog audience.

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