Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We've moved!

You may have noticed that D'Lites by Dorene has been silent for some time. I truly apologize if you feel neglected. but want to take some time today to update you.

D'Lites by Dorene is now known as The Columbia Fragrance Co., which we hope more accurately reflects our product line beyond candles: room mists, diffuser oils, and bath and body products. Check out our new logo!

We've opened a new online store - - which we hope will be an easier shopping experience. You'll see you can create a guest profile for one time purchases and still have the flexibility of multiple payment options. You'll also notice we've moved the candle content of our blog to this site. Here, you'll be able to stay informed on candle burning and decorating tips, as well as new products as they are developed.

Our Etsy store will remain open and has been renamed The Columbia Fragrance Co. for all of you who continue to enjoy the Etsy experience. 

In writing this blog over the past few months, I've come to realize there has been content aimed at different constituents. The business content of the blog has been moved to another site: Here you'll find expanded information on marketing your business and nonprofit organization as well as learn more about our consulting services to help your company grow.

Thank you for your loyal following over the past few years. I look forward to seeing you again in our new homes!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Spotlight - Valery Tkachenko of Alery

Today's Sunday Spotlight focuses on the jewelry of Valery Tkachenko of Alery. Please take some time to learn about this incredible artist and shop her work!

My name is Valery. I was born and raised in beautiful and ancient city Kiev in Ukraine. Some time ago my husband, our children and I moved to California where we now live in a small city not far from San Francisco. I worked in IT before but now I turn into a jeweler. 

Blue Sky Enamel Earrings

I’ve always been into crafting and arts. Over years I’ve tried different techniques and materials in jewelry making. But enameling technique was a love at first sight. 

Multicolor Enamel Earrings
The process of enameling offers a jeweler a lot of freedom for creativity and experimentation. I love to discover new ways, when result may be unpredictable and surprising. It keeps you at the edge, urges to learn new all the time.

Whimsical Enamel Earrings

In enameling a metal surface is covered with a finely grounded glass powder. The surface is then heated to about 1450F so that the powder melts and fuses together. One can use either kiln of hand torch to heat the powder. It usually takes a few melting iterations for a jewelry piece to be ready. With each iteration a jeweler can change the color of the glass powder, its quantity and transparency. As a result most of the pieces turn out to be one of a kind and completely unique as it’s simply impossible to replicate them.

Statement Cocktail Ring
On the one hand I’m inspired by the diversity and sophistication of nature, where you can find something new and surprising every time. On the other hand man-made objects can be as beautiful. Apart from nature architecture and art serve as great sources of inspiration for me. The simplicity and elegance of minimalism where every shape and every line have a well-defined meaning and purpose prompt me to create simple yet bright and colorful jewelry items.

Copper Earrings
What work I’m most proud of. It’s really hard to answer. Each time when I find a new way of doing something or do some successful experiments I enjoy it a lot, so I have a group of favorite items made in different techniques. Definitely, this big pendant is one of my favorites: 

In my works I try to combine traditional with contemporary in techniques, in designs, in materials. I hope that my jewelry brings some joy to people’s life.

In addition to my shop on Etsy, you can find me here:

For readers of this blog I offer a special coupon code DBLOG10 – it gives you 10% off your purchase. This offer expires October 31, 2013.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Five Favorite Social Media Posts

Here's a round up of my top five favorite articles on social media that I've read this week:

What's your favorite marketing tip? Share below! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Introducing New Customer Loyalty Program!

Earlier this month we announced our new Customer Loyalty Program! 

Now, for every dollar you spend, you will receive points which will be applied to a future gift certificate. When you point balance reaches 100, you will receive a $10 gift certificate to apply toward a future purchase.

But don't worry! Your Loyalty Points will be tracked automatically, and you will be notified of your balance with every purchase. Points are redeemable on any product, are not restricted, and are available for use on clearance and sale items.

Yesterday, newsletter subscribers were notified of their point balance available. 

If you're purchased our products and did not receive an email, please email us today so we can update you on the number of points you have available! 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Spotlight - SEEDesigns

Today's Sunday Spotlight features Sonia of SEE Designs2 and her handmade, vintage inspired jewelry. Learn about the inspiration for her work, then use the coupon code at then end of the post for a special offer!

My name is Sonia and I am shop owner of Etsy shop SEEDesigns2.  I have been a shop on Etsy for 1 year now. I have however been creating and designing since childhood. I am an entrepreneur and enjoy having a flexible schedule for my art. My shop features Handmade vintage inspired Jewelry and Accessories for men & women.  I collect vintage jewelry anywhere from Victorian Era , Hollywood Regency to Flapper Jewelry of the 20's.  Nothing can compare to the Jewelry of times past, It's an art the way it was made, designed and worn. I aim to try to inspire this in my shop.  

Romantic Victorian Bracelet

I have always done craft shows, art shows, but a year ago I decided to give the online shop a go.  I am certainly glad I did, I have had much success I feel and I really enjoy being able to be creative on more than one side with my creations in my shop through the use of the tools available on Etsy. 

Vintage Blue Lucite Beaded Necklace

My shop is very unique because all my designs come from a vintage era, I use old techniques in making my jewelry, I also use vintage beads and findings that you just can't find anymore, whether restored, bought at auction or given to me. I love feeling I am recreating something you think you can only see in pictures of grand mother or old Hollywood magazines.  My shop stands out because of the time and effort that is put into these creations and my customers know they are receiving not just a treasure but a quality hand made product. 

Pink Rose Flower Earrings
I love all my designs but one I am really proud of is my vintage black glass multi strand necklace, I love this necklace because everything about it makes you think of vintage 50's. Every bead was salvaged from broken thrown away jewelry, each bead is still useful and it has made a stunning necklace. This necklace is for sale in my shop.

Vintage Black Glass Pearl Necklace
I do take request for custom orders on items already featured in my shop for example if one of my customers would like to change a flower color, order more than one, perhaps make a matching bracelet to go with that necklace. And if unsure of what you would like I do encourage my customers to shoot me a note with any questions. I do ask for 2 weeks to make the desired item, this does not include the shipping time. 

Modern Ribbon Necklace
For all who read this wonderful blog I would like to offer a 10% savings on all orders. You can get this by using coupon code BLOG10. This offer will expire August 31, 2013.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tips to Help Your Candles Burn Longer: #2

Last week we discussed the importance of the first burn of your candle. Here's how to help them best burn each and every time following.

Remember the concept of the melt pool? It's the softer wax which melts more quickly than the rest of the candle. You'll notice this wax will melt much more quickly on the second burn than it did the first time.

A good rule of thumb is that a candle will burn one hour per inch of the diameter of the candle. So, using my 12 oz Interlude jars again as an example, the top and the bottom diameters are 3 1/8", so you'll need to allow just over three hours for every burn.

But wait! These candles are hourglass shaped! You'll need to take into consideration the shape of the candle as well. At the "waist" of the candle, the diameter is probably closer to 2 3/4" inches. So while not a significant difference, you'll need to burn the candle just shy of three hours as the wax reaches the center, then you can burn it longer as the wax gets closer to the bottom of the jar.

Additionally, burn the candle only until you get 1/2" of a wax pool. Any more, and you risk the wax becoming too hot. The fragrance oil used is your candle is a combustible element. 

Also, if the wax becomes too hot, the glass itself could break. Glass is a funny material; you may not be aware of tiny fissures existing in the container which could melt, causing a sudden breakage.
Wax Warmer by DawnDavareDesigns

So, what do you do if you didn't burn your candle correctly the first time, and each subsequent burn produces a lopsided candle? It's ok to scoop warm wax out of your container and create a level surface. Remember to use a spoon rather than a knife. Then treat the next burn as your would a first burn. 

What to do with the left over wax? Put it in a wax warmer and enjoy the fragrance while it lasts!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Treasury Tuesday: Peaches and The Beach

Today's Tuesday Treasury showcases the relaxing Peaches and The Beach as curated by Wanda from GemstonesOnMyMind. Featuring my Eucalyptus tea lights, this gorgeous collection of peaches and greens makes me long for Fenwick Island in Delaware - my favorite beach spot!

Please take some time to view this lovely treasury and to shop the small businesses on Etsy!

'Peaches and The Beach' by Gemstonesonmymind

Pastel Peach Earrings Oxidiz...

Centerpiece Cylinder Vase Lo...

Chrysoprase Necklace, Green ...

Wire Wrapped White Sea Urchi...

Christmas in July - CIJ - Bo...

Sea Glass Bead Small Starfis...

Fairy Flowers Peace Crane We...

Heart Shaped Glittered Tea L...

Wash Cloths Crochet Set of T...

Vintage Button La Mode Dark ...

Light Green Antique Rose Mum...

Rustic Beach Style Cross

Eucalyptus tea light 6 pack

SEASHELLS Switchplate Light ...

Peach Aventurine Earrings, G...

Vintage Green Crystal Sterli...

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