Saturday, April 27, 2013

Christmas In April

I have to share with you this photo of my gorgeous Christmas cactus. Yes, it's April and the plant decided to bloom. Not that I mind...I always enjoy having flowers in my home!

Why it's blooming now, I can't say. Something in its chemistry, in its environment, makes it happy right now.

I was never interested in gardening growing up. In fact, it would be more accurate to say I had a true disdain for the activity and wanted nothing to do with it. So imagine everyone's surprise when I developed the proverbial green thumb.

I don't know how I developed a skill.  I do read some, and I've always learned by the trial and error method. Along the way I've picked up two tonics (and one variation) that I use when watering my plants:

  1. Coffee water. Yep. Mother introduced me to this one. I add the leftover morning coffee to my watering pot then top it off with tap water. I highly recommend diluting the coffee and not pouring it straight onto your plants. Otherwise your plants will smell (If you like a coffee fragrance in your home, I can introduce you to a lovely Hazelnut Latte candle!)
  2. Tea water. This is a variation of coffee water. If you're a tea, not a coffee drinker, start with tea as your base then top off your pot with tap water. I've found tea water best to use when the tea is too old to drink.
  3. My secret tonic water. Actually, I was introduced to this "recipe" many years ago when I used to watch the Lynette Jennings show on the Discovery Channel. Take a used steel wool pad and drop it in tap water. I use an old plastic coffee can and used SOS pads. Let the water cure for at least a week before use. Add one cup of the tonic to your watering pot before topping with tap water.
All three tonics will be brown, and you'll wonder why in the world to use such a yucky combination on your plants. Trust me, they work!

What are you favorite tricks for your garden or your houseplants? 

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