Sunday, February 17, 2013

Etsy shop review - Lizbeth's Garden

Today's Etsy shop review features Elizabeth of Lizabeth's Garden.  Please take some time to learn about her and her beautiful work!

I am a writer and an artist. I make and sell handmade beaded tassels, potpourri, engraved and stamped metal, paper goods, art collages, and more. I am inspired by colors and shapes -- I love investigating the way shapes interact with each other, and how colors play off each other. 

Cupid and Hearts Valentine's Beaded Tassel Wristlet Bracelet

I work for justice, and I love to create beautiful objects. Sometimes I take some thread and beads, and turning them into a beautiful beaded tassel. 

Home Decor Beaded Art Tassel with Blue Pearls -- Earth from Space

Sometimes I use a handful of vintage objects, some paper, and a frame to create a collage. And every summer I go out in my garden, picking the fresh flowers, and drying them in a sunny window to make potpourri.

Pink Rose Potpourri

I believe that every home should have beautiful things in it. I started this store after I could not find beautiful, decorative beaded tassels at a reasonable price for my own home. I love sending off my lovely creations for you to cherish.

Brown Bird Tassel Earrings Gold Plate Ear Wires

The product I am most proud of is this blue tassel with white satin ribbon, perfect for tying around your wrist. Tassel could also be tied onto a bouquet or clutch. Ribbon can be cut shorter if you prefer.

Blue Wedding Beaded Tassel Wristlet Bracelet

I read a lot of books, and I blog about my crafts, my writing, my garden, and social justice. I volunteer for social justices issues, and I work with and for children. I also have a large garden, that I am hoping to expand next year, both for cutting flowers for my Etsy shop, and for vegetables -- I want to start gardening year-round (in the northern US).

Customizable Engraved Copper Medallion

I am not in a bricks and mortar store at this time, but I do sell tassels in person to local customers. Local customers can contact me through Etsy to set up an appointment.

Please use the links below to contact and to follow Elizabeth:

Etsy shop:
Handmade beaded tassels, potpourri, engraved metal and more:

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