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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Spotlight - Trotting Jack Press

Today's Sunday Spotlight shines on M. Elliott of Trotting Jack Press.  Please take some to learn about this incredible artist!

 I'm an England based printmaker who designs and makes lino printed products for my Etsy shop "Trotting Jack Press". All the products you will find in my Etsy shop are fully hand printed and hand crafted by me one by one, so each product is very unique and special. I'm very happy and proud to be able to offer such 'one of a kind' items to my customers.

Mrs. Mouse

I find inspiration for my art from from many sources such as nature, animals, classic fairy tales, vintage items etc. The list is endless, but my biggest source of inspiration must be my little Jack Russell Terrier who's very sweet, funny and makes me smile all the time.

Hand Painted Terrier Dog pendant

I opened my Etsy shop on 5th Feb, 2012. (I chose this particular date because it's my mum's birthday and she is the biggest fan of my artwork.) Luckily, my shop has been growing very slowly, but constantly ever since.

Having a Nap

Although I am specialising in linocut,I also enjoy drawing, painting, sewing, collaging, making small 3d objects, jewellery making etc. I use these art and craft skills individually or  sometimes combine them together for making very unique and original items.

Handmade Wooden Brooches

My most favourite thing I've ever made is this "sleeping jack russell miniature doll".

Sleeping Jack Russell Miniature Doll

My terrier is the model and I think I managed to capture his sweetest moment quite well!

You can also find my products on Folksy (British craft market site).

Sitting Bear Cub printed doll

I do have a real interest in vintage and antiques so I like to look around markets, fairs and charity shops for digging some treasures. I can't resist buying small junks ( well, treasures for me! ) that catch my eye and as a result, my collection is expanding rapidly. Maybe, I should open my second shop "Trotting Jack Antiques" sometime soon!  (only joking :-) 


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