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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Featured Artist - Andrea Mitchell, AlyxAndreaDesign

I'm so pleased to introduce you to Andrea Mitchell, of AlyxAndreaDesign. Her jewelry is so intuitive, it leaves you thinking "why didn't I think of that?", yet deep inside you know you could not create a similar design if you tried. Enjoy!

I live in a small town in southern WI and work full-time at a homeless shelter in Madison.  I have always enjoyed crafts but it was difficult for me to find time while raising my daughter and working two jobs which is generally necessary when a person works in social services.  Now that my daughter is 12 I was looking for a way for us to spend more time together so we started playing around with different crafts.  We found making jewelry with beads and ribbon was a lot of fun and allowed us to really experiment with a wide variety of beads, colors and designs.  We quickly had more necklaces than we could ever have use for so we thought we may be able to try and sell them.  I had heard of Etsy and decided to give it a try.  I opened my Etsy store in October 2012 and realized there was a lot I needed to learn and it was not easy.  I’ve had a lot of help from the Promotional Frenzy Team on Etsy and I am very slowly starting to get the hang of on-line selling and promoting.

Polka Dot Ribbon and Bead Necklace
I’m not really sure where my creativity comes from.  I generally start by staring blankly at my supplies.  I pick up different beads, ribbons and pendants and put them back and pick up different ones until an idea strikes me.    

After my daughter and I started making a few necklaces I thought I might try to sell some online because there was no need for us to have so much jewelry just for ourselves.  The shop name comes from our names: Alyx (daughter) + Andrea (mom) + love for making beautiful jewelry = AlyxAndrea Design. My husband happens to be a multi-media designer so he designed my logo and banner.

Heart Pendant Necklace
I had also reached out to a local business that was just starting out called Art Market in Edgerton WI ( and the owner agreed to sell my jewelry for an incredibly low consignment rate.

My original design was inspired by a tutorial on Pinterest which used one type of bead and one ribbon that were woven in a very simple design. The closest thing in my shop is this necklace, except imagine it with just the grey pearls and not the purple tear drops. 

Glass Pearl Beaded Necklace
I took this idea and ran with it.  I use many different kinds of beads and mix and match them to come up with different designs.  I have experimented with different ways of using the ribbon and I very quickly moved past the simple one bead one ribbon design I saw on Pinterest. 

Tri-Colored Leaf Pendant Necklace

I often search Etsy and other on-line retailers and I can honestly say I have never come across anyone who makes jewelry quite like I do. 

Very shortly after I started out, I was posting pictures and links to all of my jewelry on Facebook and I was so excited to show it off.  A colleague of mine sent me a message telling me how awful my jewelry was and that it should be on Regretsy.  I cried and cried then made this necklace.  I wore it the next day and held my head high because I thought it was gorgeous. 

Pink and Turquoise Bead and Ribbon Necklace
Like everyone else in the creative world I still doubt myself on occasion but at the end of the day I’m really proud of myself and my creations. 

I am very open to custom orders and will do my best to work with people to create a piece based on their desired colors, designs etc. I am willing to also go outside my current product line.  The few hairbands I have were actually inspired by a custom order for a hairband when there was not yet one listed in my shop.   My tag-line is “Every Design One of a Kind” but I am willing to create multiples of one design to be used for bridal parties or any other reason someone may wish to have matching jewelry.

Beaded Ribbon Collar Necklace
All of the ready made, one-of-a-kind pieces available on Etsy ship within 1-2 business days but I do not have a set policy for custom orders.  Based on conversations with the customer I would need to find out if I need to purchase additional supplies to make the order but I can typically make something and have it ready to ship within 2-3 business days.  I promptly respond to all correspondence so that I can make sure that products are ready to be shipped quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.

Outside of Etsy, I have worked in social services for 15 years and currently work Full-time as a Case Manager for a homeless shelter serving single women.  I also facilitate cognitive intervention groups as a contractor for the WI Department of Corrections.  Making jewelry has been a great way for me to relax and take my mind off of these very stressful positions.

Paper Beaded Necklace
Andrea has offered the following special to our readers:

Please use coupon code “DLBLOG” to receive 15% your purchase.  Offer expires on 7/31/13.

Andrea can also be found here:

Art Market
4 E. Fulton St
Edgerton WI 53534

Click here!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Etsy shop review, Yael Berger and The Joy of Color

Every other Sunday I like to feature an artist from Etsy and his/her shop. Today I'm pleased to introduce you to Yael Berger of The Joy of Color.  Please take a few minutes to learn more about her and her beautiful work! 

My Name is Yael Berger I live in Givataim, small town near Tel Aviv. My greatest passion is for color and Pattern. This is the origin of my Etsy shop name: TheJoyofColor. My favorite medium is watercolor and I also enjoy painting with Acrylic on paper or Canvas. Natures, every day objects and folk art inspire me and make me happy. My all time favorite and inspiring artist is Henri Matisse. As a minimalist at heart I try to keep the shapes as simple as possible and let the color talk. I hope my optimism, and the joy I feel when creating is reflected in my paintings.

Tulip Field

I really love the deer watercolor.  Till 2 years ago I painted mostly floral, landscapes and fruits this was one of my first attempts to paint an animal and I was happy to discover. It became one of the favorite prints in my shop.

Deer Art Print
I am a textile designer (BA Shenkar College). I worked in the fashion and home textile industry for more then 20 years. I had my own design studio and sold funky printed T's. Then I worked (16 years) for a leading company of socks and underwear called Delta Galil LTD, as a senior sock designer and stylist. It was and interesting and challenging job as I designed for mass, mid market and for brands like Nike, Hugo Boss, Mexx.... I traveled a lot to Europe and the USA, met some very nice people, got a lot of experience in design, styling, marketing...
Succulents in Black Planter
In 2007 I made a big change in my life I quit my day job as a Textile designer for a major textile company in Israel, in pursue of more artistic and relaxed path. Now days I combine painting and running my Etsy shop with design projects for few Israeli companies. I design mainly prints for a wide range of products, from socks to schoolbags, housewares and more. I like that I can combine my love to design and the artistic path, in more relaxed ways than in did in the past. 

Koi Pond

I hope my optimism, and the joy I feel when creating is reflected in my paintings and Prints.. Natures, every day objects and folk art inspire me and make me happy . As a minimalist at heart I try to keep the shapes as simple as possible and let the color speak. I do hope that my work will bring you joy and happiness.

A Stack of Bowls

Follow Yael and her work here:

Are you an Etsy shop owner and interested in being featured? Do you write fabulous content and would you like to write a guest article? Email me so I can send you my sample interview questions and blog guidelines!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Etsy shop review - Tatiana Mozerova of Tatiana's Tienda

Today's Etsy shop review features Tatiana Mozerova of Tatiana'sTienda. Please take some time to learn more about her and her craft!

My name is Tatiana. I was born in a small Siberian city called Irkutsk. I graduated from university with a degree in civil engineering and management in economics. If you'd have told me nearly two years ago that I would open craft store in the US and that I'd be crocheting and creating crafts, I would have though that you were insane! It just wasn't a future that I had in mind.
Baby Boy Booties
At the time, I was working with a construction company and dealing with projects and numbers, while at the same time I was studying for my second degree and teaching fitness in the evening. Everything was so overwhelming, I didn’t enjoy my life and one day I was fed up with it. I can remember this day… I was sitting in a lonely office, working on a boring drawing of a building riddled with numbers. I opened up a web page and started searching for flights. At the time, it didn't matter where I'd go…The most important part was getting FAR AWAY from the craziness that was my life! That same day I bought a one way ticket to Bangkok and I was infinitely happy with the decision that I made. I didn’t know what to expect or where I'd go afterwards, but I definitely decided that I didn't want to live that crazy life anymore.
I passed my final exam in January, got a diploma in civil engineering, quit my job, and moved all my stuff into a garage as I was off to Thailand. I remember saying to my family and friends, “I’m starting a journey towards a 'real' life, a life that I deserve and want to live, and a life that society doesn't dictate for you…A life that you want to live and share with others!” From there I traveled for about 10 months and it was the most amazing months of my life! I went to meditation courses, volunteered in Laos, worked in China with kids… But the most important thing – I’ve met an amazing person, my soul mate, a person who understands me without words on the way to “my new life”.
Newspaper Vase 
We traveled in South East Asia together, lived through the craziness of China… And then one day he asked me, "Do you want to visit the US?" Well, I had never been a big fan of this country but I realize now it was all due to the media. Russia and USA had never been big friends and I also had such restricted visions about the country before… But after traveling in so many countries,  I realized that political views of a government don’t always have anything common with the people who live there. So I agreed to come with him. Right now I amazed with this country and really enjoy living here.
When I flew to the US I didn’t know what I was going to do or where I'd look for work. One day my boyfriend’s sister was knitting a scarf. And I remembered how I love doing this in childhood, but when I grow up I totally forgot about it because didn’t have time for it. The very next day I made a hat for my boyfriend. Afterwards, we came up with the idea to sell items such as this on Etsy. I made different goods for special holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. I later created candy bouquets and wicker baskets made from newspaper. I really enjoy the things that I create, because I know that it will make my buyers happier and richer inside, will put a smile on their face and maybe even change the world for the better!
Easter Candy Edibles
And as you can see in both 'my story' and the level of detail and pride I take in all the goods I make, I put my heart and soul into this little boutique shop. This is how I support myself! I appreciate all my customers for all sales I receive and will go out of my way to make you happy with your order!!
Blue Rose with Ferrero Rocher candy
I realize 'my story' is much more detailed than most you'll come across, but just wanted show how one day can change your entire life! Your life is in your hands and you are the creator of your destiny. Don’t be afraid of changes. It may seem too scary to make changes right now… but feel it in your heart that changes are for the good – so never hesitate to take the first steps!
Tatiana can be found:
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