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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities Now Available!

My blog is growing, and now is your opportunity to benefit!

I am now accepting advertising opportunities, such as those you can see on the right panel. Expand your audience by getting in front of mine!

Why advertise here? 

We currently average over 2,500 views per month and we continue to grow!! Posts are continually promoted using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon. Using additional media outlets allows us to spread the word about your products or website past the pages of this blog.

Advertising here will target an audience which is curious to discover something new, unique, and inspiring. We offer different options for your advertising needs. Having limited space for ads assures you great exposure regardless of your budget.

Current Advertising Opportunities 

Ads can be linked either to your blog or to your product or shop. All paid advertisers are eligible for one complimentary feature similar to our Etsy shop review.  

Banners: We have the following sizes available:

  • 4 spaces for 150 x 150 30-day Shop Ad
  • 4 spaces for 150 x 150 Buy One Get One Free!

*We are currently offering a FREE 30 DAY BLOG/WEBSITE SWAP AD. Basically, we would love to swap ads with other bloggers. It's super simple, we put your ad on my blog for a month, and you put our ad on your blog for a month. We think it's a great way to show support to all the fantastic blogs out there! 

  • $5 — Buy Now
    Buy one, get one!150 x 150
    Only 4 left! Starts May 8. Introductory offer! Buy one month ad spot, get one month free!  Ad will run for 60 days, 4 shown at a time.
  • $1 — Buy Now
    Blog Ad Swap150 x 150
    Only 1 left! Starts May 8. This is for a BLOG 'ad swap' space. Basically I display your button on my blog and you display my button on your blog. Use the promo code SWAP to get it for free.  Ad will run for 30 days, 4 shown at a time.
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