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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012's Top Ten

I'm pleased to introduce to you today's Top Ten List (with a nod to Kennedy Center Honoree and fellow Ball State alum) of my best selling fragrances:

#11 - Orange Blossom and Pumpkin Chai Tea

There were quite a few ties in this year's list, so I chose to list my Top Eleven fragrances.

Orange Blossom is a custom blended fragrance I created early in 2012. I had read in Perfume & Flavorist that 2012 fragrance trends came from a perspective of "Wild Luxury Consumer"  Orange Flower was second on the list. Blending orange and jasmine fragrance oils, I found a fragrance that my Florida customers consider to be just like the local fruit trees. Personally, I love this scent in the body fragrances I've developed.

Pumpkin Chai Tea was another original creation from October 2011.  I'm not sure I can tell you where my creativity for this originated, but I remember I was looking for a more unique pumpkin fragrance than pumpkin pie. Pumpkin Chai Tea was the first of my custom blends and has been a top seller since that first fall introduction.

#9 - Apple Harvest

Apple Harvest is a true apple orchard fragrance, combining Red Delicious, Macintosh, and Granny Smith scents. If you love a trip to your local orchard, you will love this fall favorite!

#8 - Gourmet Vanilla

What can I say? Vanilla is the most popular candle fragrance across all candle companies, so the challenge is to find a vanilla that is special to you. Originally, I called this fragrance Very Vanilla, because that's what I thought it was. But as I was rebranding my product in the fall I realized this fragrance smells like a vanilla extract, so why not rebrand the scent as Gourmet Vanilla?

#6 - Orchid Rain and Rum Raisin

Usually, I am not a floral person, so it's a challenge to me to include floral scents in my collection. What I love about Orchid Rain is that is certainly a floral, yet the spa-like additions of bamboo and watercress bring a light and powdery finish to a scent that isn't overly sweet.

Rum Raisin has become a holiday classic, especially to my local customers. Combining rich caramel with butterscotch and vanilla cream, this luxurious fragrance reminds me of my favorite bread pudding!

#4 - Home for the Holidays and Stormy Weather

Both fragrances are similar to the national Y***** C*****, but hand poured for a personal touch! Home for the Holidays combines cinnamon and baking spices with a touch of pine and smell just like cookie baking day during the holidays!

Stormy Weather became an instant best seller once I entered the wholesale market. Similar to Stormwatch, this unique fragrance combines lavender and ocean scents with a slight hint of spice and musk. It was a favorite of mine before I began making candles, and I was so glad to find a similar fragrance to offer to you!

#2 - Cinnamon & Balsam and Cranberry Pomegrante

Cinnamon & Balsam is a custom fragrance I created last year.  True story - I was attempting to create a Cinnaberry fragrance, and used Balsam rather than Bayberry.  Well, sometimes best sellers are inspiration and sometimes perspiration! After much sweating and stewing, I decided to offer the fragrance as the mistake it was, and I'm so glad I did! It is a strong fragrance and not for the faint of heart, but absolutely wonderful for the holidays!

Cranberry Pomegranate is an unusual fruity fragrance for the holiday season. With top notes of the citrus fragrances it's named for, Cranberry Pomegranate has a secondary top note of bubbly champagne. For those looking for a fruity alternative to holiday fragrances, Cranberry Pomegranate is a perfect choice and can freshen your home year round!

And now Number One on Today's Top Ten.....


Of course. What else could it be? My Lavender is admittedly more floral than grassy, yet conveys the same sense of clean you'd expect from this eternal favorite. I wish I could invent a scratch & sniff application for your computer, your phone, or your tablet so you could smell on your own, but for now I'll have to rely on selling a few to you!

So what's your favorite? What are your predictions for the 2013 Top Ten list? My offer to you, my loyal followers, is 15% off any of the fragrances listed above next time you shop D'Lites by Dorene. Just use coupon code BlogLover at checkout!

Happy New Year!
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