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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to Write Calls to Action

You're posting to Twitter. You're posting to Facebook. You're writing a blog. You're doing everything, it seems, except making your product, your true love. And while doing everything, you're getting no feedback or response.

What's wrong? Your tweets are informative and not terribly full of hashtags. Your Facebook posts are not "salesy," they're about you and your love of the product you make. Your blog contains articles relevant to your business; they aren't just filling space with articles about your dog. It just isn't making any sense.

The problem could be that you aren't including a Call To Action (CTA) in your tweet, your status updates, or your posts. (Something else? I hear you groan.) Yes, something else.

A Call To Action is a persuasive argument you are making with your followers to do something. Think of it as subliminal messaging. You're not screaming "BUY MY PRODUCT NOW!!!" like a used care salesman; instead, you're nudging your followers step by step. Here are some examples of Calls To Actions:

Join me .....

     Click here.....

          Try this.....

               Download now...

                    I invite you....

                         While supplies last....

                              Get it now!

                                   In a hurry? Call me ....

                                        Act quickly!

                                             Limited quantities available!

                                                  Add to cart

                                                       Reserve your spot now!

                                                            Today only!

How many times have you responded to such language? Personally, I'm a sucker for "Click here" or "Download Now," with my thought being I can always click out of the webpage or delete the download. But I still respond to the ask, which is what the marketers want me to do. 

So, do you feel the pattern? No where in this list do you find the words "BUY MY PRODUCT NOW!!!!" rather, you change your vocabulary to suggestive language, but keep the tone of immediacy. 

Ok. Now you get the idea. But then what? Now you need to implement these Calls to Action in your tweets, in your status updates, and in your posts. 

So your tweet of "#glamorous #red #statement #necklace #sale three left!" becomes "Inventory Reduction Sale! Statement Necklaces 50% off - limited quantities available!"

Your Facebook status update of "Tested new spice samples" becomes "We fell in love with the taste of ____ at this local Thai restaurant and spent all weekend making samples. Share with us your favorite foods and restaurants!"

Your blog post ends with a direction. What was "Until the next time I decide to post" becomes "Don't miss my next post! Add me to your RSS feed today!" or "What are your thoughts about .....?"

So take some time to review what you've written, and turn it into words that make You Do Something!

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