Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Luck We Create

Sometimes I think we create our own luck...

Before I begin today's post, I want to make sure you all realize that I strive to write about topics pertinent to my business and to my customers. I try to write topics on marketing your business, topics about home fragrances and candles in your home, and topics sharing the joy of other Etsy business working to breakout like myself.

I seldom write about myself, even when I have the Blogger Blues (aka, writer's block). So, I beg your indulgence while I write a bit about myself.  This does have a dose of business wisdom included.

So....back on topic....sometimes I think we create our own luck.

I'm not superstitious, mind you. But the more I experience our world (translation, the older I get), the more I tend to believe we create our own luck.

July was a dry spell.  A drought. While I didn't have the misfortune to watch my crops wither any die as they have throughout most of the Midwest, my sales were abysmal. I know this is true for most retailers, hence, the invented sales season of Christmas in July.  CIJ sale promotions didn't help. Events coordinated by the Promotional Frenzy Team (while extremely well organized) didn't help.  And I understand.  I mean....who really thinks about buying candles in July????

Then came August. Almost like clockwork, I got a sale on August 2nd.  And another on the 5th, 6th, and many days following.  After a little more than a week, my August sales had equaled my July sales.  And then...

...the drought returned.

A week and a half of nothing.  So I thought about a phrase I've pondered many times....can we/do we create our own luck?

Taking matters into my own hands, I decided to try my hand.  So, last Saturday, I made a purchase in a BNS (Buy aNd Stay on Etsy....you make a purchase and your shop gets featured in a future round). I've had success with these in the past.  Most people like candles, and I can usually sell a tea light set or two in a round. If I'm lucky, a full priced candle. Before joining the Promotional Frenzy Team, BNSs were my primary source of Etsy sales.

And what do you know...later that day I had a sale even though my slot in the BNS wasn't open yet. And on Sunday, another, and on Monday, another.  So three sales generated from "creating my luck" at buying into a BNS.  But it gets better.

Last month I entered into an arrangement with a sales representative.  Tricky, I know. But from my perspective, I was ok with paying a 15% commission on wholesale orders, based upon my belief that any orders the rep generated were more than I could generate on my own. But that was last month.  Almost six weeks into the arrangement with no sales generated.

So....over the weekend....after I made a purchase in the BNS, I decided to try my "strategy" again. I've been meaning to work on my blog and to make it as much of a functional website as possible.  So I decided to work on taking information off the sidebars and onto pages. Bold move for a non-html literate person.  I was able to move my Etsy shop and Pinterest page, so why not try to add a page for Wholesale Inquiries?  You'll notice it isn't published yet.  It's taking a while to format every line sheet I have into a format this blog will accept.  But my point is that I decided to move outside my comfort zone to work on an aspect of my business I've been meaning to grow.  I decided to create my own luck.

And lo and behold, today I received my first wholesale order!!!!

These events may or may not be related.  As I stated, I'm not superstitious.  But I also firmly believe we each have a way of creating our own luck, our own future.  Might I have had the Etsy sales had I not decided to buy into a BNS? Possibly.  Might I have received the wholesale order had I not decided to work on adding a wholesale feature to my blog? Probably.

But my point is that had I been sitting around, punching the "refresh" button on my Internet page and waiting for something to happen, I'm confident nothing would have happened. Hence, we create our own luck.

It's hard as a small business owner, or in my case a minutia business owner, to break out of our mold, to take a chance, and to do something different to turn the tide. But each of us has already taken a chance with trying to make it on our own.  Sometimes we just need the motivation, the encouragement, to continue to break out of our mold, out of our realm of comfort, and to take more chances.  The chances I took last weekend are by no mean earth shattering, but they represent a change in thought I consciously chose to make.

Positive energy begets positive energy.  Luck creates luck. I encourage you to coral that positive energy inside of you and to create the luck you deserve.  I know it will pay off for you.


P.S. Please let me know how you create your own luck, how you pull yourself up, how you motivate yourself! I'd love to learn your stories!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Etsy Shop Review - Dell Cove Spices

In my recent posting Re-post: What's Your Purple Goldfish?, I invited your comments for how you make your customers feel special.  And in return, I offered to feature one random and lucky reader with an Etsy shop review.  It is my pleasure to announce the winner: Dell Cove Spices!

And in full candor, I want to reveal that I featured this awesome shop earlier this year.  Today's review is a reposting of that article.  However, since my blogging skills have advanced in the past eight months, I'm able to share a cleaner blog and photos of their amazing products.  I hope you enjoy today's posting and try their flavorful products if you haven't already.


Happy Wednesday!

One of the things I would like to do in this space is to give thanks to those who have helped me along the way. Just a few months ago, I was invited to join a team on Etsy, the Promotional Frenzy Team. While I will extend a public thanks to our fearless team leader at a later date, I would like to use this opportunity to thank my mentor, Patricia of  Dell Cove Spices .

Gourmet popcorns and seasonings
First, and most important, the shop. If you are a food connoisseur (or even not!), you simply have to try the products Dell Cove Spices offers. So far, I have tried popcorn flavorings Italian Parmesan and White Cheddar, the latter which is the closest to POPCORN NIRVANA I have every found! I was also sent a sample of their Barbeque Rub, which made my Barbeque Chicken Pizza come simply alive! 

And gifts galore! I ordered their cocktail sugars for coworkers and have heard glorious praises for their products!

Second, Patricia is just a jewel. David, I’ve not met you yet, but I can’t wait for the day we convo or email! As a mentor on the team, Patricia has provided not just words of wisdom, but real life centering to make me think about how I’m running my business. So often, we get absorbed in our art that we forget about the business aspect. Even the most educated among us can forget that if we’re not making money, we just have an expensive hobby. Patricia provides that does of realism with a good dose of friendship.

Dell Cove Spices is a company ready to burst at the seams. Terrific products with terrific people behind them. If you’ve not tried their products yet, please do. If you have, please continue to support them.

Thanks so much for all you bring to our team!



Since this article was originally posted, Patricia and Dave have brought many new products to market, my favorite of which are their sugar cubes.

Blood Orange sugar cubes

These unique treats are made from antique molds and are packaged in a high quality truffle box, tied with their signature purple bow.  All products arrive to you with at least one recipe. Please check out Dell Cove Spices today!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fall Decor: Decorating with Candles

As we head into fall (hard to believe, isn't it?), now is a good time to begin thinking about transitioning our homes into autumn decor.  Today's post is inspired by a few photos I've found for decorating your interior with candles.  Enjoy!

Floater candles with twigs
For an easy and elegant display, bring in some twigs, add colored water (optional) and add floater candles. 
Autumn leaf votive holder
Use two glass candle holders or cups, one slightly smaller than the other. Line the larger glass with leaves, insert the smaller glass, pressing the leaves between the two glasses.
Candles and Corks
For the wine lover, line a larger glass or vase with corks, and insert a smaller glass or votive holder to illuminate your exquisite taste. 
Harvest Nuts
Line the bottom of various hurricane vases with walnuts, pecans, chestnuts, or your favorites, place a pillar candle in the center, and cluster together.
Rustic Candlelight
Place antique graters or tins on a wood platter with dried flowers or potpourri and add a simple votive or two for a rustic, country touch.

For more ideas, check my Pinterest board.  


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