Sunday, September 16, 2012

Featured artist: Angela Warren-Mixson/Crafty Ridge

Today I'm pleased to introduce you to Angela Warren-Mixson with Crafty Ridge.  Read more about her fabulous work here:

I create and sell handmade items on Etsy. My favorite medium is crochet and I am a proud member of The Artisan Group.

Crafty Ridge is an eclectic blend of fun and unique crocheted items that can fit into just about anyone's life. There is a mix of fantasy and functionality in the items I have available. They are all handmade and have their individual quirks.

Girl's Sock Monkey Hat

Being a SciFi geek and fantasy aficionado (summed up that means I'm a bit of a nerd) I love making anything from baby hats to the fun and unusual. I am inspired but just about anything. I love the fun and unusual, so I am pulled towards a lot of scifi and fantasy. However I also love creating beautiful accessories that everyone could use.

Bearded Viking Hat

When I began crocheting my unique items it was just a fun way to create wearable art for family and friends. I never would have thought that it would have grown into something as great as Crafty Ridge. I am a proud member of the Artisan Group and through them I have been able to gift the beautiful and hilarious Amy Poehler as well as participate in the Press Bags at the 2013 Golden Globes. I thank my wonderful family and friends for being a ginormous support system and encouraging me to do what I love.

Cotton Washcloths and Face Scrubbies

 I absolutely love my Bearded Viking and adore my Infinity Scarf in Oceans' which I sent to Amy Poehler, but honestly I think I fall in love with just about every creation for one reason or another. At least when I get it right.

Infinity Scarf in Ocean's

I am a full time mother and wife who is trying to build Crafty Ridge into my full time job. Here is more information on where you can fine me:

@CraftyRidge on Twitter

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