Sunday, September 2, 2012

Featured artist: Anita Miller/Nature's Images by Design

Today I'm proud to introduce to you Anita Miller with Nature's Images by Design.  Read more about her fabulous work:

My company, Nature’s Images By Design, specializes in fine art photography.  Nature in its broadest sense inspires large portion of my photographs. I enjoy capturing the transformations that occur in the natural world from minute to minute and season to season. Nature is always changing, each image feels fresh, and as if it’s the first picture I have ever taken. My travel photographs reveal almost abstracted views of winding city streets and hilly vistas, reflecting in a way the labyrinth like mystery of places unknown.

Four Sunflower Images - Sunflower Collection - 3 - 8x12 and 1 - 16x20

I began to pursue photography as a vocation in 2011, when I opened her business. I have had my abstracts exhibited at the 2012 Joseph Miller Abstract Photography Exhibit.  My photos have been published in the fPOE Collective and The Studio Magazine.  As a member of The Artisan Group, I have gifted Jordin Sparks, Mila Kunis, Amy Poehler, and Mariska Hargitay.  I will be participating in the GBK Gift Lounge for the Primetime Emmys in September.

Tuscany Village Photo - Italian Image - 8X8 Print

Outside of my Etsy shop, I am a Software Engineer for General Dynamics Information Technologies.  My two passions are photography and travel.  I will be returning soon from a 10 day to France! Very excited to visit Paris and Provence, looking forward to capturing the beauty of both places with my photographs!

iPhone Case 4 - 4S iPhone Case - Streets of Italy

The product I am most proud of is my "Spring into Summer Collection" coasters that I will be gifting the press for GBK Gift Lounge for the Primetime Emmys through The Artisan Group.

Tile Coaster Set - Four Landscape Coasters - Serenity Landscape Collection

If photography is my calling, I was fortunate to find it at the age of 12, when I received my first camera as a birthday prsent.  I honestly coulnd’t tell you what kind of camera it was and ite really doesn’t matter.  From that point on I was obsessed with capturing anything and everything with whatever camera was at hand. I began to pursue photography as a vocation in 2011, when I opened my business, Nature’s Images by Design. I have had my abstracts exhibited at the 2012 Joseph Miller Abstract Photography Exhibit in Gainesville, Virignia.  Several of my images have been publisedin online magazines as well as the fPOE Collective, a quarterly publication featuring the Female Photographers of Etsy.

B&W Single Seagull - Sea Bird Photo - 8X10 Print

You can also find me here:

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