Sunday, November 25, 2012

Etsy shop review - Katya of Katrinmania

Today I'm pleased to introduce to you Ekaterina Pavlolva (also known as Katya) of Katrinmaina. Please read more about her wonderful work here:

My name is Ekaterina, but all my friends call me Katya - it is shorter and everyone understands the spelling :)
I felt I could create something all my life, but I found myself as an artisan only two years ago when I attended felting workshop. We were going to "draw" the picture using the colorful wool. I took a piece of wool and....I fell in love deeply, completely and forever :)

Felted wall hanging - The Owl

Since that time I always "roll" something, because felting (wet felting) is a process including rolling the wool many-many times.

Felted brooch - Chysanthemum

It is difficult to say what exactly gives me creativity. I think it is something inside my mind -feelings... or an idea... 
It comes and sweeps you out of your feet suddenly and later you just see the result of it in your hands.. It can be a scarf or wall hanging or...both :)

There are a lot of examples in my etsy shop :)

My favorite item is this picture

Felted Still Art

You can find my products among my friends, relatives and since I`m on Etsy - my customers :)

Also some you can find in my web album:

Outside of Etsy I`m a housewife right now. I`m bringing up my daughter (she is 5), my son (he is 4 months) and my husband :)

You can also "like" me on facebook :)

Thank you so much for your time to read my Hamlet monologue and have a nice day :)
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