Sunday, November 11, 2012

Etsy shop review - Spiritually Sewn

Today I'm pleased to introduce to you Spiritually Sewn. Read more about her wonderful work here:

I recently started an Etsy business in which I sell notebooks that I cover with novelty fabrics. I don’t really see myself as being creative but I like to improve on other ideas.

Journal composition notebook journal wih matching Kanzashi flower fountain pen
Spiritually Sewn fabric journal ensembles make great gifts from mom to daughter; teacher to nurse; church to organization; and everyone in between. 

Journal with -Kanzashi- Fabric Flower Fountian pen notebook composition

Spirtually Sewn was my vision in 2011 but due to circumstances I was unable to open my Etsy shop. Disappointed, I packed away my sewing machine and all of my lovely fabrics knowing that next year would be another chance to start. I had almost given up on my vision but with faith on, August 22, 2012 I was able to open my shop.

Fast forward to 2012, I pulled out the yards of fabric that I had packed away the previous year along with my sewing machine and decided to try it again. I have operated a homebased business before and I loved being an entrepreneur. The timing was right and here I am the proprietor of Spiritually Sewn.

Journal notebook covered Fabric journal with -Kanzashi- Fabric Flower Fountian pen

I love to write so crafting journals are more than a craft it's and enjoyment and I use them alot. From jotting down my bills to writing poetry. The journals that I make are simple but chic; utilitarian but ornamental. I think the kanzashi flower and fabric covered foutain pen makes them stand out along with the various type and patterns of fabric

I am most proud of the matching fountain pens as it took much trial and error to produce them.

Kanzashi flower fountain pen

In addition to running my Etsy shop, I work and additional full-time job and I’m earning my first college degree.

You can also find me here:

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