Saturday, June 8, 2013

Strawberries are in Season!

Every June I try to find a new product to introduce to you as the fragrance of the month, but I just can't seem to stay away from Strawberry!

So, in the spirit of my annual tradition, I have three Strawberry scents for you to choose from this month:

Strawberry, in and of itself, is a thrill of its own. Sweet, juicy, and fragrant, you will think these small berry fruits are being stirred into a sugar syrup in your own kitchen. Bring on the shortcake, the cheesecake, or the ice will not be disappointed with the fragrance of this candle.
Strawberries & Creme interlude jar candle

Strawberries & Creme is a custom blend I also introduced last summer.  Providing a lighter, richer dose of strawberry, this fragrance adds a healthy dose of vanilla. What comes to mind to me is sliced strawberries on a bed of freshly whipped creme fraiche, ok, maybe yogurt if you're being healthy. 

Strawberry Jasmine interlude candle

Strawberry Jasmine is a new fragrance for 2012.  While inspired by this list of trendy fragrances for 2012, testing proved it to be fruity, floral and feminine, and an eastern flair to an early summer blend. The strawberry is fresh, sweet, and citrus, providing a rich undertone base, and jasmine adds top floral notes, creating a slightly exotic Asian blend.

All strawberry fragrances are 15% off throughout the month of June, and are available in home fragrances of candles, room &linen sprays, and diffuser oils, as well as bath & body fragrances of lotions, body wash, and body sprays. For a complete listing of available products, please visit my Etsy shop here

Want more strawberries? Check out my Pinterest board for recipes, crafts and more!

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