Sunday, May 20, 2012

May Fragrance of the Month

One of my favorite memories growing up was visiting my grandmother Mimi on Mother's Day. Hopefully the weather was agreeable, and we would enjoy the day among the flowers at Mt. Airy Park in Cincinnati.

My grandmother enjoyed flowers, and one of the houseplants she grew best were orchids. Such lovely, delicate flowers.  When I came across the fragrance Orchid Rain, I knew I had found my fragrance of the month for May.

Orchid Rain is a beautiful combination of floral and fresh outdoors. Modern and spa-like, top notes include fresh orchids, peony, water lily, with middle and final notes of watercress, aloe vera, and bamboo. Open your mind and soul to complete harmony! If I had had this post ready by Mother's Day, I would have told you Orchid Rain is a perfect fragrance for a gift for Mom!

At this time, I'm especially glad to have ventured into body fragrances, as I think Orchid Rain is an especially beautiful scent for body lotions and hand balms. Lightly floral, it's a perfect fragrance to wear by itself or under your floral perfumes.

Throughout the month of May, Orchid Rain is 10% off. Stop by to try some today!
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