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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

...May Flowers!

Yes, indeed....April Showers bring May Flowers!

D'Lites by Dorene is pleased to offer two customer favorites as fragrance(s) of the month for May!

Lily of the Valley fragrance tart
Coming to you first is Lily of the Valley.  Read what satisfied customers say about this lightly floral fragrance:

"Nice pleasant scent."

"LOVE this candle! The Lily of the Valley fragrance is dead-on as well as being strong (it's not a faint, vaguely-lily scent) and it is great quality. My mother loves it!!!!"

In addition, we're offering customer favorite Orange Blossom as a special this month.  Orange Blossom is a custom blended fragrance I created nearly two years ago. Here's how satisfied customers feel abut this scent:
Orange Blossom 12 oz candle

"Just got my orange blossom body lotion and it smells scrumptious!! "

"This scent is so comforting! And yet, not too overwhelming."

"Smells like heaven..."

"I love the scent of these tarts! I live in FL and that is the exact smell of the orange blossoms that floats in the air from the orange trees, certain times of the year. You captured it perfectly! Fast Shipping! Also thanks for the free bee!"

"Smells delish! Love it!"

"The smell is just it...."

Both scents are available in 12 and 7 oz candles, wickless candles, votives, tea lights, fragrance tarts, fragrance sprays and diffuser oils.


Did you notice? We recently introduced two new products:

7 oz cube jar

This 7 oz cube jar is an architectural look for the contemporary home. Wrapped in plastic and topped with a bow, this jar is ready for gift giving!

Orange Blossom breakaway melts

We also introduced breakaway melts. Smaller in size than fragrance tarts, these melts are packaged in clamshells and work perfectly in Scentsy and other candle warmers.

Please check out my Fragrance of the Month section for more information on specific products.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Showers!

April showers bring.....beautiful fragrances on sale for you!

This month, I have two scents to share with you as the fragrance of the month: Orchid Rain and Spring Rain!

Orchid Rain 12 oz candle
Orchid Rain was a best seller from my Garden Collection in 2012. Orchid Rain is a beautiful combination of floral and fresh outdoors. Modern and spa-like, top notes include fresh orchids, peony, water lily, with middle and final notes of watercress, aloe vera, and bamboo. Open your mind and soul to complete harmony! 

Spring Rain tea lights

Spring Rain is an outdoors fragrance from my Music Collection. Spring Rain is a lightly floral fragrance with just a hint of spice - altogether relaxing and spa like!

As fragrance of the month, both Orchid Rain and Spring Rain are 10% off. For more products and selections, please see the Fragrance of the Month section of my Etsy shop!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Luck o' the Irish!

Fragrance of the Month - Green Clover and Aloe

It’s March, so I’m bringing the Luck of the Irish to you, in more ways than one!
New to you this month is Green Clover and Aloe, a fresh, unisex fragrance to get you in the mood for spring!
Green Clover and Aloe is an outdoors fragrance to bring the freshness of spring into your home or work space! With a hint of citrus and jasmine, there are also slight bottom notes of woods and musk.
Whenever I try to describe this fragrance, I automatically go straight to the adjectives “fresh” and “clean.” It certainly has a “green” scent to it; I can imagine laying in a meadow of clover, yet not once do I find this fragrance to be a bit grassy. The aloe certainly adds to the freshness and clean qualities you smell.
 As fragrance of the month, all Green Clover and Aloe products are 10% off:
· 15 hour votives, four for $9.89;
· Tealights, six for $5.89;
· 4 oz fragrance spray, $5.89;  and
· Fragrance tarts, four for $4.99.

And Now.....Luck o' the Irish!

Shop D’Lites by Dorene and be a winner! Each purchase you make in March comes with a random prize….is the Luck of the Irish on your side?
Prizes are coupons for future orders and range from free products to free shipping.  Increase your odds! Every order in $15 increments will receive an additional coupon! For example, order one set of tea lights ($6.49 total), receive one coupon. Order three sets ($19.47 total), receive two coupons!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Fragrance of Romance

February is the month of romance, and to celebrate all the sweethearts out there, I have two romantic fragrances for you this month.

Love Spell tea lights
Love Spell has been a staple to my fragrance collection since February last year. Similar to the classic fragrance from Victoria's Secret, Love Spell is a luscious combination of peach, cherry blossoms and jasmine. This is a wonderful fragrance for those who enjoy complex, fruity blends.

Amber Sandalwood tea lights

But I did not want to neglect the guys, many of whom enjoy candles but not always the fruity and floral scents which dominate the market. So, I decided to offer a second fragrance of the month for February: Amber Sandalwood! I introduced this custom blend to you last month, as a luscious, earthy fragrance with deep, musky bottom notes. This is one fragrance he will thank you for bringing into your home!

Both Love Spell and Amber Sandalwood are 10% off all February and are available in all home fragrance products, including candles, tea lights, diffuser oils, and fragrance sprays. 

Here's to you and your Valentine!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Shopping at D'Lites by Dorene

The holidays seem to come earlier and earlier every year. Our retail environment seems to believe that opening earlier every year is a way to satisfy consumer demand, when in reality, we continue to look for gifts that are more unique and personal than big business can deliver. Not everyone is situated to deliver hand made gifts of their own. That's where D'Lites by Dorene is here to help. In addition to the high quality candle and home fragrance products you've come to know, I'm pleased to introduce to you several gift ideas available to you now:

Pine Cone FirestartersPine cone firestarters and votive gift basket , 12 pine cones, 2 votives and 2 tarts

While not new, this is a concept I've been working on over the past year. As a gift that keeps on giving, my pine cone firestarters have been triple dipped in my most popular seasonal fragrances and are wicked the entire length of the cone. My pine cones have been locally harvested and dried over a year to light perfectly and to start your home fire with a fragrant burst!
As with my candles, the wax of the pine cones is a custom blend of paraffin and soy waxes. Paraffin is used to hold the strong colors you see and scents you smell. Soy is used to create a product more eco-friendly to our environment. Together, a quality product is created and tested to be the best possible for you and your home.

To ensure your order can be filled and mailed to your recipient by Christmas, please place your order no later than December 10th.

Beyond Candles: Bath & Body Fragrances

Looking for a personal, affordable gift for your neighbor or coworker? Look no further than the bath & body fragrances available at D'Lites by Dorene.

While candles and home fragrance products are a large portion of my business, I also delight in creating body fragrance products that are unique  from the commercial market. This holiday season, I have new and afforable gift ideas ready for you:
  • Gift set of lotion bars, rose petal soaps, and candles - New! These gift sets are the perfect accompaniment to your powder room or indulgence for a romantic bath. Create your ambiance by lighting this cute 2 oz candle, then place rose petal soaps in a pretty soap dish with these small lotion bars nearby. Rose petal soaps are made to be disposed after each individual use and provide a dainty look for your powder room. My lotion bars are made with locally harvested beeswax and emolient shea and cocoa butters. For a romantic evening, light the candle and float the rose petals in the bath tub for a relaxing soak. Let the lotion bar melt on your skin for a light and smooth protective barrier on your skin. All of this is yours or a unique gift for only $16. Check my website for color coordinated fragrances and gift ideas.

All gifts can be mailed to your recipient and can include a gift tag. 

Fragrances of the Month: Cinnamon & Balsam, Snickerdoodle!

Throughout December, I'm offering my two most popular holiday fragrances at 10% off!

Cinnamon & Balsam is a custom blend of two popular fragrances found this time of year.  If you like a strong, pine fragrance blended with cinnamon spice, these candles are for you! Cinnamon & Balsam is a good, modern fragrance for those who like to experiment and be on the cutting edge.

Snickerdoodle is also a custom blend based upon the classic Christmas cookie (well, at least it is in my household!). Snickerdoodle is a good fragrance to create the cozy, comfort of home feeling we tend to gravitate toward this time of year.

For information on product availability and prices, please see the Fragrance of the Month section in my Etsy shop!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Strawberries are here!

The June fragrance of the month is....STRAWBERRY!

It's hard to believe that only one year ago I announced my first fragrance of the month, same as today, Strawberry!  Only to take it a step further, I've decided to announce two additional fragrances for your sensual pleasure: Strawberries & Creme and Strawberry Jasmine.

Scrumptious Strawberry in 12 oz. Interlude jar
Strawberry, in and of itself, is a thrill of its own. Sweet, juicy, and fragrant, you will think these small berry fruits are being stirred into a sugar syrup in your own kitchen. Bring on the shortcake, the cheesecake, or the ice will not be disappointed with the fragrance of this candle.

Strawberries & Creme interlude jar candle

Strawberries & Creme is a custom blend I also introduced last summer.  Providing a lighter, richer dose of strawberry, this fragrance adds a healthy dose of vanilla. What comes to mind to me is sliced strawberries on a bed of freshly whipped creme fraiche, ok, maybe yogurt if you're being healthy. 

Strawberry Jasmine interlude candle

Strawberry Jasmine is a new fragrance for 2012.  While inspired by this list of trendy fragrances for 2012, testing proved it to be fruity, floral and feminine, and an eastern flair to an early summer blend. The strawberry is fresh, sweet, and citrus, providing a rich undertone base, and jasmine adds top floral notes, creating a slightly exotic Asian blend.

All strawberry fragrances are 10% off throughout the month of June, and are available in home fragrances of candles, room & linen sprays, and diffuser oils, as well as bath & body fragrances of lotions, body wash, and body sprays. For a complete listing of available products, please visit my Etsy shop here. I'll also be posting a board of my favorite strawberry images and recipes on my Pinterest board here. I hope you'll stay tuned!

Thank you!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

May Fragrance of the Month

One of my favorite memories growing up was visiting my grandmother Mimi on Mother's Day. Hopefully the weather was agreeable, and we would enjoy the day among the flowers at Mt. Airy Park in Cincinnati.

My grandmother enjoyed flowers, and one of the houseplants she grew best were orchids. Such lovely, delicate flowers.  When I came across the fragrance Orchid Rain, I knew I had found my fragrance of the month for May.

Orchid Rain is a beautiful combination of floral and fresh outdoors. Modern and spa-like, top notes include fresh orchids, peony, water lily, with middle and final notes of watercress, aloe vera, and bamboo. Open your mind and soul to complete harmony! If I had had this post ready by Mother's Day, I would have told you Orchid Rain is a perfect fragrance for a gift for Mom!

At this time, I'm especially glad to have ventured into body fragrances, as I think Orchid Rain is an especially beautiful scent for body lotions and hand balms. Lightly floral, it's a perfect fragrance to wear by itself or under your floral perfumes.

Throughout the month of May, Orchid Rain is 10% off. Stop by to try some today!
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