Saturday, April 28, 2012

Etsy Shop Review - Sewing Granny

Today I'd like to introduce you to the Etsy shop Sewing Granny, run by lovable Mona, one of the dedicated team leaders of our Promotional Frenzy team on Etsy.  Please take some time to get to know her and to shop her store!


Hello my name is Mona.... aka Sewinggranny! My name was derived from my 2 passions - sewing and my grandsons! My world revolves around them... as a matter of fact most of the proceeds from my shop go to something or other for them. Last year a swimmning pool the year before a 4 wheeler for oldest grandson...

I love to quilt but as it takes alot of time to make a quilt, I sew lots of other items to sell. My baby bibs are a big seller as are my potholders.

Lately I have started making infinity scarfs.
A pretty piece of fabric is all I need for inspiration! Seeing something I like and want to make gets my creative juices going.

My biggest master piece was a quilt I made for myself... and sorry I do not have a picture of it. I made it for my bedroom but by the time I finished it I had changed my decor so it sits in a sealed bag - hoping I change my color scheme again some day.

I spent alot of time sewing and lately more on the internet trying to get connected to the online venues. But other than that my time is spent with my grandsons... they live close and I love to spend as much time as possible with them.

When I get on a creative roll... I can sew for hours but I need to be in that head space or I might as well give it up.... no fun tearing out seams.

I have my Etsy shop:
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I have a blog:
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