Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Decor: Decorating with Candles, part 2

It's been a fun but long few weeks recently discussing aspects of writing a newsletter, so I thought it would be a good time to take a break. So let's go back to my favorite topic: candles!

I love candles. Even before I began making them, they were always burning in my home.  I find there is something almost magical about a candle: from the basic element of fire to the combustion of wax and fire to create light, fragrance, and ambiance.

The upcoming four or five months are candle season. When we're home for the holidays, we light candles to welcome guests into our homes. We display tapers on our tables to help set the mood for a special dinner gathering. We light a votive in the power room to make it feel special to our guests. Maybe sometimes we even light a candle when we're alone at night, watching a movie, just to bring a sense of comfort to our world.

Today I want to share with you some fantastic inspirations I've found for decorating with candles. These ideas and more can be found on my Pinterest boards, which I hope you will also follow. I hope these ideas may inspire your holiday homes.

Add white pumpkins and pistachios to a white pillar candle

Place a white pillar candle in a hurricane vase, surround with Indian corn and raffia for a centerpiece worthy of your Plymouth ancestors.

Hollow the center of decorative pumpkins and add a tea light.

Adding a step to from above, make the hollow a tad larger, add a votive and a hurricane globe.

Dip your pumpkins in glue or Mod Podge, dip again in sugar or kosher sale for a simmery glow.

More ideas on my Pinterest board here.

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