Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's the Great Pumpkin!

Growing up I always loved the Peanuts characters and comic strip.  So in taking a week diversion from my writing a newsletter series, I would like to Welcome the Great Pumpkin!

That's right! October is the month of pumpkins, and I have three absolutely incredible fragrances for you as the October Fragrance of the Month.

Pumpkin Applebutter 12 oz candle
I introduced Pumpkin Applebutter to you last month.  Combining freshly harvest and pureed pumpkin with a melange of apples, this harvest inspired scent is topped with vanilla, cinnamon, and clove for a completely awesome fall fragrance!

Pumpkin Chai Tea tea lights

Returning for its second year is customer favorite Pumpkin Chai Tea. Straight from your favorite coffee shop, Pumpkin Chai Tea combines freshly harvested pureed pumpkin, chai tea, and a hearty dose of cinnamon and vanilla.  Take a deep wiff, and let out a good YUUUMMMM!

Pumpkin Buttercream 12 oz candle

New this month is Pumpkin Buttercreme.  You read right and reacted appropriately.  Sweet, rich pumpkin combined with the rich buttercreme of your favorite frosting, Pumpkin Buttercreme is almost too good to be true. I'm sure it seems I write this with every newly introduced fragrance, but this is truly one of the best!

All pumpkin fragrances are 10% off throughout the month of October.  For a complete listing of all products available, please see my fragrance of the month section.

What are your favorite pumpkin fragrances? I'd love your feedback!
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