Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love Spell..... the new Fragrance of the Month!

LOVE SPELL is similar to the fragrance sold by Victoria's Secret.  This seductive fragrance is made of a lovely bouquet of mandarin orange, bergamot, and tangerine enhanced by hints of fresh peaches, strawberries, and raspberries, yet also has  an undertone of white musk.
While the Fragrance of the Month, Love Spell is 10% off.  

Love Spell product line
So, as I'm learning to navigate my way through social media, I'm forcing myself to learn new things about marketing.  In the old 4P world (product, price, placement, people), I was G-O-O-D...ok, maybe just good, no caps or exaggeration.  Social media has blown apart all the rules. But it's also exciting to learn new strategies to marketing my product, which next to creating, is my favorite task in running my business.

Social media needs to be an engagement strategy, not simply a marketing strategy. And it needs to be on a personal level. So, how do you engage the masses on a personal level to be interested in your product? My first strategy is Facebook.

I've set a goal of creating a survey every month on my Facebook page.  I ask my followers and friends to vote for the fragrance they would like to see as the next fragrance of the month.  I'll usually set 3-4 options of what I would like and think can sell, but I'll also allow them to add a fragrance they would like to see.

(Note to self, ask the question earlier in the month so you're not scrambling the day before sending them out so you have time to quick test. Not a good thing to start labeling your product only to learn the wick is stubborn with the fragrance/dye combination......)

I've tried surveying my Twitter followers as well, but I've learned their responses get lost in my inbox....If any of you survey through Twitter, please comment on methods with which you've found success.

My last blog post discussed basic marketing strategies, and I decided to follow my own advice. I began my business to sell candles, thinking "I love candles. I see them for sale all over the place. I can do this." But I've been rethinking my business strategy around the concept that people aren't necessarily seeking candles as much as they are seeking fabulous, clean, and personally fragrant homes/spaces. Thus, my marketing strategy is now encompassing Product Development (products in the same stage of development) into home fragrances, rather than simply candles. (You could argue it is horizontal development, and I'd buy that too......)

Take it to the sheets!
your bed linens for
a romantic evening!
So, this month, I'm launching diffuser oils and fragrance sprays.  I've not tested diffuser oil for LOVE SPELL yet, but hope to have that available soon.

Back to social media marketing....the products are now featured on my Etsy site, I've been tweeting about the new fragrance, product availability, and sales, I've announced the product on my Facebook page, I've created a Pinterest board around this fragrance, and will soon distribute my e-newsletter, and now it's posted on my blog!  *pause to take a breath*

But we need to remember that social media marketing is not a replacement for the tried and true, rather, it is an extension of it.  My fragrances are also available in my bricks-and-mortar stores (can't forget those!!!), and I will also snail mail my newsletter to customers who have not signed up for the email version.

Happy sales, all!

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