Sunday, February 12, 2012

New product lines!

Did you know that over 80% of adult Americans have purchased some type of air care product over the past year? These products range from candles, air fresheners, potpourri, and car fragrance products.  Clearly, we have an expectation that our environments smell great year round, not just at the holidays or special events. 

With that, I am so excited to introduce to you my new product lines: Diffuser Oils and Fragrance Sprays!

Now you can take your favorite candle fragrance into the kitchen, the bathroom, and any where in the home.

What is so exciting for me is that my fragrance sprays are completely natural and safe for the environment.  They do not contain alcohol or other additives and can provide fragrance for even those with allergies.

Current diffuser oil fragrances available include:

Current fragrance sprays available include:
If you've ever seen my fragrance listing, you know that it is extensive.  I'm currently seeking product testers for feedback on new fragrances to offer.  If you are interested in testing diffuser oils and fragrance sprays, please email me to learn how you can receive some free product.

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