Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wednesday musings.....

Ok, all, I'm really tired tonight, but my goal for this year was to post at least two blog posts a week.  So, here are some photos of my favorite shops and products in Etsy land......please shop and enjoy!

Dell Cove Spices - I just love their White Cheddar popcorn topping!

I've tried my hand at wire crochet, and I love the bracelets from  Julie's Crochet Array

Gotta love anyone who is inspired by Pride & Prejudice! Check out  Brookish

Love the sense of humor from Forked Up Art!

I've already introduced Greenhouse Glassworks.  Here pieces are so pretty!

Only a knitter can truly love Sassafras Creations!

If only Alis would make a Dorene! 

Happy shopping, all!

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