Sunday, January 6, 2013

Etsy shop review - The Beetle Wing/Kelsey Payton - Jan 6th

Today's Etsy shop review features Kelsey Payton of The Beetle Wing.  Please take a moment to view these unique crafts!

 I love animals, I always have ever since I was little. My parents let me own pretty much any animal I wanted, and I've always been fascinated by birds. Anything with feathers I just love.

Arrowhead and Braided Hemp Choker
So I have had the chance to own a variety of chickens, ducks, pigeons, geese, guinea, parakeets and peafowl throughout my life. At my shop, I sell feather earrings and other animal or nature inspired items. Shell, Bone, Wood, porcupine quills and more.

Iridescent Beetle Wing Earrings
And I'm constantly experimenting with new materials and new designs. I can't stay hooked on just one thing, I have to explore all of the possibilities! Nature inspires me in almost all of my projects, It is a major factor and all of my projects. Nature is so full of interesting things.

Brown Seashell Earrings
I'm proud of every item I make, but I have to say I'm most proud with the feather earrings I make. I take a lot of time making sure the feathers look just right and they are durable to wear.

Long Pigeon Feather Earrings

Outside of Etsy, I'm finishing school, taking care of my pets and just trying to enjoy life. My main hobby of course is Etsy, but I also collect salt and pepper shakers and do Photography. I don't have a full time job yet, but I'm hoping after school I can become and Art teacher or professional photographer.

Dried Sweet Gum Seeds
You can find us on facebook here: 

I'm also hoping I can get a YouTube account soon for videos of my birds and DIY crafts!
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