Sunday, January 20, 2013

Etsy shop review - Inogitna of The Pixel Files

Every other week I like to introduce to you a creative artist from Etsy and his/her shop. Today I'm pleased to introduce to you Inogitna of The Pixel Files:

My name is Antigoni Chryssanthopoulou, aka Inogitna. I was born in Athens and graduated from VAKALO School of Art and Design. I collaborate with various Advertising and Publishing firms, and at the same time, I undertake a great amount of personal projects as a Freelance Graphic Designer - Visual Artist. 

Alice in Wonderland 
I love to create innovative and crucial concepts, I have a passion with photography and illustration, especially digital collages.

Summer is Gone

In my etsy store, you can find photography and illustration prints, digital collage sheets, graphic design (I can design your personal etsy logo and banner), and many more in the future!

Space Invaders

Inspiration is everywhere! Life is full of surprises and images. I am very much inspired by nature, but also the city fascinates – even its decadence!

Lost Mirror

I love traveling, music, books, vintage stuff, and people. I like making new acquaintances and having friends. Finally, my greatest inspiration is humor, but at the same time I’m very attracted to the “dark” and mysterious!

Liquid Sky

For my favorites, I would like to refer to some digital images I created recently. They are inspired by the "financial" crisis and its impact on the Greek "reality." Primarily on labor relations - contracts, and the "fall" of the Greek public services myth. Things change fast in Greece, it is difficult to overcome the feeling of misery sometimes, creativity is a great medicine!

Neither Scared nor Blessed

Outside of etsy, I love to Design, take photographs, listen to music, watch films, read, walk, think, dream, learn new things, taste new recipes, see my friends, travel - whenever I can.

You can contact me through my facebook page:

and my portfolio:

my etsy shop

Thank you very much for featuring my shop!  :)
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